Quo Harper 8-Night Scholarship Academy – (SDC Advanced Scoring Camp)

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(90 Minute Sessions; 2x Per Week)

8-Night SDC Advanced Scoring Academy

Every skill that is taught in SDC Advanced Scoring Academy is a progression from SDC Fundamentals Academy and SDC Breakdown Moves Academy.

Specific skills and techniques covered:

  1. Double Moves
  2. Breakdown moves
  3. Combination moves
  4. Advanced 2 ball skills
  5. Advanced finishing skills
  6. Advanced change of direction
  7. Mid-range scoring and deception
  8. Creating separation / scoring angles
  9. Advanced shooting series’ techniques
Our Directors’ Experience:
SDC Advanced Scoring Academy is for players that have already mastered the skills from both SDC Fundamentals Academy and SDC Breakdown Moves Academy. Advanced scoring is designed for players that are ready to become more of an offensive scoring threat. Players should already be inside pivot players prior to registering for SDC Advanced Scoring Academy. Multiple Advanced shooting series’ and change of direction from a catch with the basketball are incorporated into SDC Advanced Scoring Camps.  Players will be expected to have scored at the advanced level on all timed skill assessments. SDC Advanced Scoring is for players that need more reps and more exposure to a variety of scoring options. A player that completes 8-Night SDC Advanced Scoring Academy should become a 20-30+ point per game performer. 

8-Night SDC Scholarship Academies are designed for DELIBERATE PRACTICE! 

Players begin with 8-Night SDC Fundamentals Academy. Then graduate to 8-Night SDC Breakdown Moves Academy before moving on to 8-Night SDC Advanced Scoring Academy.  

  • Each 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academy has skill video progressions for every session in the gym. (This really helps the kids!)
  • Video homework skill assignments are delivered directly to players’ phones after each 90 minute session in the gym.
  • Technique. Reps. Programming. Workout after workout. Day after day. Refining skill sets.

Players graduate through 3 different levels of 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academies.

(This makes teaching basketball more like martial arts!)

Measurable improvements. Guaranteed college scholarships.

All 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academy participants are required to have an active membership to Skill Development Coach.


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