Most all parents are going to need money for college.

Even if an athletic scholarship is a possibility, every high school basketball recruit is one injury away from a college scholarship going away.  In addition to our scholarship camps helping players become more prepared on the floor, SDC Scholarship Camps reward parents by helping them be more prepared for the expense of college.   

“How can we reward families for saving for college?”

Merit aid discounts became the answer.

Similar to airline frequent flyer miles, or AMEX Rewards Points, families that attend SDC Scholarship Camps receive Tuition Rewards Points.  Tuition Rewards Points are a guaranteed discount off of college tuition. In fact, a parent can receive a full year of tuition discounts through Tuition Rewards Points.  For every SDC Scholarship Camp you attend, you receive 1,000 Tuition Rewards Points. Upon applying to any of the nearly 400 private colleges throughout the entire country, parents apply the amount of Tuition Rewards Points that they have accumulated toward a discount off of their college tuition. 

If a family redeems 30,000 Tuition Rewards Points for a student, the student is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $30,000* in financial aid (scholarships or institutional grants). The family may receive more, but they are guaranteed not to receive less. Families can earn guaranteed, non-need based discounts of up to 25% off the full tuition rate, while colleges can increase their pool of quality students to recruit.

For families and participating colleges, this was a “win-win” scenario: 

  • Student-athletes are eligible to be added to the Tuition Rewards Program from birth until the beginning of their junior year in high school (August 31st between the sophomore and junior years in high school is the cut-off date).
  • Throughout 45 states, there are now nearly 400 colleges that participate in the program, and the number of schools continues to grow annually. In the past 5 years over 100 new schools, an average of over 20 per year, have joined the network!  

SDC Scholarship Camps  reward players for their desire to be better players and better student-athletes. And reward parents for their commitment and sacrifice to make it happen.

For every SDC Scholarship Camp that a player attends, they will receive 1,000 Tuition Rewards Points. $1,000 in GUARANTEED Tuition Reduction. A player can attend as many as 4 SDC Scholarship Camps per calendar year.   Youth basketball players could earn up to 21,000 Tuition Rewards Point before high school, but the total amount of points that a player could possibly earn by attending SDC Scholarship Camps is 24,000, including bonuses.