8-Night Scholarship Academy with Pete Skevas – (SDC Fundamentals Camp)

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(90 Minute Sessions; 2x Per Week)

Dates: Begins Wed, Sept. 26th.

Days: Wed / Fri – 2X PER WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS 

Time: 6:00-7:30

Location: The Basketball House 75 Neal Ct, Plainville, CT 06062

8-Night SDC Fundamentals Academy

Should I skip over SDC Fundamentals Academy?
  • My kid plays travel,…
  • My kid plays AAU… 
  • My kid has a personal trainer…
  • My kid is already in high school…  
  • My kid has been playing for a while… 
Answer: Don’t skip the fundamentals.

Every skill that is taught in SDC Fundamentals Academy is an essential skill that all competitive basketball players need to have.

Techniques covered:
  1. Footwork
  2. 2 ball skills
  3. Athletic position
  4. Inside pivot shooting series
  5. Change of direction skills with ball
  6. Finishing off of either foot with either hand on either side of the basket
Our Directors’ Experience:
Most kids do not have the specific skills from SDC Fundamentals Academy (despite their age or experience). Skipping over the the fundamentals hurts players’ development.Players need the skills from SDC Fundamentals Academy in order to improve their competitive play and be ready for SDC Breakdown Moves Academy.  We have seen players skip over SDC Fundamentals Academy and jump right to “Breakdown Moves” only to become frustrated because they did not have the essential skills from “Fundamentals” to be prepared for “Breakdown Moves.” 
Moral of the story is: Don’t skip the fundamentals.
No player is ever too good for SDC Fundamentals Academy. Fundamentals are not just for beginners. If you have never taken SDC Fundamentals Academy, you should register for SDC Fundamentals Academy.  

8-Night SDC Scholarship Academies are designed for DELIBERATE PRACTICE! 

Players begin with 8-Night SDC Fundamentals Academy. Then graduate to 8-Night SDC Breakdown Moves Academy before moving on to 8-Night SDC Advanced Scoring Academy.  

  • Each 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academy has skill video progressions for every session in the gym. (This really helps the kids!)
  • Video homework skill assignments are delivered directly to players’ phones after each 90 minute session in the gym.
  • Technique. Reps. Programming. Workout after workout. Day after day. Refining skill sets.

Players graduate through 3 different levels of 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academies.

(This makes teaching basketball more like martial arts!)

All 8-Night SDC Scholarship Academy participants are required to have an active membership to Skill Development Coach.


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