“Making A Difference”

Growing up in a family of 8, with my dad running his own concrete business for 35 years and mom taking care of us all, money was always short. My parents did a great job of not acting like it, but we always knew and helped them with concrete jobs for as long as I can remember… we were the hired hands! Anything we had was appreciated and shared between everyone. Our parents showed us the thread that makes us who we are today and what I hope to pass on to others that cross my path.  

  1. Have Grit – life has ups and downs, but keep moving forward.
  2. Have Faith – know that there is more to life than what’s right in front of.
  3. Give Thanks – always grateful for those who trust me, guide me, listen to me, help me and those I can help.

I think the SDC Scholarship Camps are a big asset for Ambush Basketball Academies and other athletes of the areas we serve. We can aid kids in a different way than ever before to keep with our motto.

I’ve been looking for this type of program for awhile because I operate Ambush Basketball Academies in IL, IA and SD that can now earn guaranteed scholarships towards college no matter if they end up playing college basketball or not. Giving back to our youth/people is one of the greatest things you can do during one’s life. It’s the reason I started Ambush Basketball Academies eight year ago with the mission of “Making A Difference.”