I am excited and thankful to be a part of such a dedicated company and group of selfless coaches

Like many other sports enthusiasts, I entered the playing field at a young age participating in multiple sports all year round. After various injuries my collegiate career ended abruptly. It was at that moment I learned the difference between an Athlete, a Student, and a Student-Athlete.   

I later pursued a career in the US Army which included a 15 month tour in Iraq. By use of skills taught in years of sports I was able to endure the demanding training the military brings. The discipline, confidence, teamwork, self esteem, character, and many other lessons learned through sports birthed the vision for Square One Sports Academy!  

I began to transfer various skills I learned to build a successful career in the human service field, school system, and athletics coach. I later took all I had learned and experienced through sports, military, and special population career and made a list of all the ways I’ve helped others succeed.  

Square One Sports Academy mission is to teach skills that can be transferred from sports, to classroom, to life! And I am truly blessed to be able to offer my community a program like the SDC Scholarship Camps with that same philosophy and passion. And to be in a group of coaches with selfless commitment to our youth and their families.

For players this is an opportunity that allows them to earn while they learn. It also offers them an unforgettable experience to improve their basketball skills. I am excited and thankful to be a part of such a dedicated company and group of selfless coaches. I am also honored to have the privilege to serve the youth in a rewarding and unique fashion.   

Derek Ruff owner

SOSA ” where the little things matter”

Square One Sports Academy